Thursday, January 11, 2007

Plasma TV Problems: Coarse Pixels

Pixel pitch is coarse (.8mm - 1 mm)

What does that mean?

The picture looks coarse close up.
Now if you are looking at standard definition (Read: Low resolution)
It's still important because of the variance between models.

And it's extra important, if you really want to buy a high quality High Definition High Resolution Plasma Display Panel.

HDTV sets are so difficult to select because of the way that many manufacturers state that their sets are HD READY.

To find out more about HDTV go here...

And, if you are looking at High Definition sets, you will see a HUGE difference between the panels in that range.

If it says HD compatible on the set, don't bother with sets that have that label unless they are priced well compared to SD sets.

And unless you are looking for a cheaper set.

The best panels are made as High Definition panels, meaning just that.

Not all panels have a coarse look, it depends who made the panel.
You can't tell just by the model or manufacturer label.
Many sets have panels that are made by other manufacturers.

You simply need to take a jewellers loupe, or small magnifying glass with you when you are researching the models on display.

Have a close look at the screen with that.
If you look at the image, you will see the individual picture elements (pixels) clearly.

Most people are surprised at first when they see this, and realise that the picture is made up of red, green and blue picture elements.

It won't take you long.

You will become good at this in a very short time.

Just let them see, they will be amazed, and will think YOU are an expert.

Below are the published results of 5 High quality Plasma Displays.

The story as presented to the customer is airbrushed for public consumption.


Plasma Display Coalition

5 High quality Plasma Television sets were tested..
The results..

Brightness: There was consistent brightness across the screen with no hotspot from any viewing angle.

Color Gamut: The TVs achieved natural flesh tones, outstanding color range and accurate color reproduction.

Energy Consumption: When using the five big screens six hours a day for a month, the cost was less than one movie ticket or less than two gallons of gas.

Image Retention: None of the sets showed residual images and that there was no significant phosphor degradation.

Horizontal and Vertical Viewing: All the sets provided a wide viewing angle (of 157.5 degrees) with minimal brightness degradation and no black level degradation.

Dynamic Resolution: supports that Plasma is the ideal television among the new categories for displaying and enjoying fast moving sports and movies scenes.

[Excerpt from a press release]

More on this in later blogs.

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Not all plasma panels produce such outstanding results...

Face it, manufacturers have done an excellent job of promoting a product that has potentially really major flaws.

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